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GolfSites(TM) 3.3.0 for iOS – Advanced Golf GPS, Enhanced for iPhone 5

Friday, October 12th, 2012 | Author:

[] Shatin, Hong Kong – Mooee Ltd. today is pleased to announce GolfSites(TM) 3.3.0 for iOS, an update that adds optimization for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 to their best-selling sports app, which allows golfers to easily make a GPS-based, shot-by-shot record of their game on any of 25,000+ golf courses worldwide. Exploiting the larger screen of iPhone 5, GolfSites(TM) provides enhanced, satellite imagery of every hole. Automatically recorded are ball paths, shot distances, type of club for each shot, scores, and statistical analysis of gameplay. The app comes with five Country Club download credits, each of which allow the golfer to download all the courses at any club, and additional credits are available as an in-app purchase.

Unlike similar apps, GolfSites(TM) allows the golfer to concentrate on their game, not on data entry. Following each shot, the user simply taps their approximate position on the course diagram displayed on their iDevice. This gesture tells the app to get a GPS fix on the current location and compute the path and distance from the previous position. Tapping a second time, the player indicates the type of club used.

Feature Highlights:
* New optimization for iPhone 5 and iOS 6
* New expanded Help feature
* No keyboards or complicated scroll picker; two-tap system uses GPS to automatically track all data
* Statistics are automatically generated that can be reviewed following the game
* Simple and intuitive, GolfSites(TM) lets users concentrate on the game, not data entry

This two-tap system provides a level of accuracy of approximately 5 yards in both direction and overall distance. Since GolfSites(TM) determines exactly where players start and end each shot via GPS, there is no tedious data entry required, and no chance for golfers to incorrectly enter data into complicated tables. Users simply hit their ball, tap to let the app know a new shot was taken (simultaneously indicating where their prior shot had landed), tap again to choose the club they used, and move on. It is a ball and club performance tracking solution that is simple, accurate, and intuitive. The app’s Ball Path module allows players to review their performance immediately after completing the hole.

The quick, two-tap system generates a wealth of statistical information, which can be reviewed following the game. Flexible Statistics are automatically generated, including: FIR, GIR, putting averages, accuracy of drives (percentage missed left, missed right, or hit the fairway), recoveries, and real club distances played on the course. Of special interest is the information gleaned regarding club performance on a real course. Golfers usually have a sense of their club distances from practicing on a driving range, e.g., 7 iron – 140 yards, driver – 230 yards, etc. However, on actual courses these distances usually fall short, owing to the upslopes and downslopes of the course. GolfSites(TM) provides actual distances achieved with each club during play.

All courses featured in GolfSites(TM) include a hole-by-hole breakdown of important information including each hole’s par difficulty and total length in yards. Information on sand traps, water, and other hazard distances is available in both yards and meters. In addition, GolfSites(TM) gives players the ability to edit their club performance info and delete unreasonable club distances from their statistics. Finally, owners of the app may also enjoy GolfSites Recap(TM) for iPad, a free download. This iPad only app allows every player in the group to import, review, and compare all the data from their GolfSites(TM) app on the large iPad screen.

“There is no other GPS golf app in the App Store that incorporates all the features, graphics, statistics, and ease of use of GolfSites(TM),” stated Stephen Ting of Mooee Ltd. “And now version 3.3.0 allows iPhone 5 owners to enjoy an enhanced, high-resolution, larger screen photo image of every hole they play.”

Language Support:
* English, Chinese, and Japanese

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GolfSites 3.0 lets golfers track shots, view any course, & golf smarter!

Friday, June 01st, 2012 | Author:

Hong Kong, China – Mooee Ltd., a burgeoning new mobile applications developer, is excited today to announce the recent launch of GolfSites 3.0 for the iPhone as well as their plans to release a newly updated version of the iPad version of this powerful golfer’s app in the near future as well. GolfSites provides users with a global GPS-enabled database of Country Club course layouts and gives them the power to track the path of their balls one shot at a time on almost any course.

GolfSites utilizes a handy credits system that allows users to unlock new course maps for use, with the first 5 credits offered free of charge to get players started! Additional credits are available for only $0.99, or users can opt for a variety of different credit bundles at an even greater savings via in-app purchase. The recently enhanced GolfSites 3.0 now offers users a more fluid golf tracking experience than ever before too with a newly streamlined user interface, flexible new Country Club database search options, an improved ball path tracking system that allows players to review their shots after every hole, and more! GolfSites 3.0 is currently available for download on the App Store for $24.99 in the Sports category.

All courses featured in GolfSites include a hole-by-hole breakdown of important information including each holes’ par difficulty and total length in yards. Information on sand traps, water, and other hazard distances is available in both yards and meters as well. Now, this functionality – as well as all GolfSites’ many other helpful features – wouldn’t be of much use to users if they couldn’t find their course in the app to put them to use. Luckily GolfSites features over 20,000 course layouts from all over the world, ensuring that no matter where you golf GolfSites will have you covered.

Though its precise photo-rendered course maps are a big plus, GolfSites’ revolutionary ball path tracking and club performance features are where the app really shines. Using an intuitive ‘two tap’ system users can record their individual shots – and the type of club they used make them – down to an accuracy of 3-5 yards both in terms of direction and overall distance. Since GolfSites determines exactly where players start and end each shot via GPS there’s no tedious data entry required, and no chance for golfers to write in inaccurate data by mistake or out of frustration. Users simply hit their ball, tap the app to let it know a new shot was taken – at once also showing GolfSites where their prior shot had landed -, tap again to choose the club they used, and move on. Its a ball and club performance tracking solution thats as eloquently simple and effective as it is new. Best of all, with the release of GolfSites 3.0 users can now view their performance in GolfSites’ Ball Path module after every hole they play.

This app is a full-on golf stats aggregating machine as well. Users can input the type of club they use on any given shot and surface they’re driving from all with a few clicks. The information GolfSites gathers is never left unused. Players’ game stats are crunched and graphed, allowing them to review everything from average hitting distances with specific clubs and swing accuracy readouts, to average strokes by par difficulty, putting performance, and more on each individual course they play. Ostensibly well rounded, GolfSites can be without coverage and without the need for data roaming. Once the player downloads a course map everything remains local. To boot, the app even offers users a digital scorecard solution for up to four players at once. Next time you golf don’t go out on the course blind, get GolfSites 3.0 and golf smart.

Located in Kowloon, Hong Kong, Mooee Company Limited is a privately funded software firm founded in 2006. With a focus on the iOS platform, Mooee’s mission is to develop inexpensive, user-friendly software for all consumers. Copyright 2006-2012 Mooee Company Limited.

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GolfSites 3.0 is here and a Special Offer for Lite Users

Monday, May 28th, 2012 | Author:

Our latest GolfSites App is now available in the App Store.

Special Offer: Between June 1st and 15th, 2012, if you purchase GolfSites and log in with your Lite account, we will give you 10 more Country Club credits. You will be able to download 15 Country Clubs free. Our new App price is US$24.99, with 10 extra Country Club, you save US$9.90. A great deal!!

Our latest features for GolfSites 3.0:

  • Ball Path Tracking can be viewed hole by hole while you are playing, no need to wait until the end of the round.
  • You can email your scorecard as well as your favorite ball path to any one you like.
  • We have added a help menu that can be accessed instantly.
  • We have improved our Country Club screens to make it easier for you to search for Clubs as well as easier to view…bigger fonts.
  • Brand new statistic graphics and easier usability for you to custom tailor your stats to your needs.
  • Improve flow of the App so it’s easier for you to run it.

Our existing top ranked features are still here:

  • Real on-course club distance statistics – you know what your real distance of each club is, not driving range distance.
  • No data roaming required during play* – great when you are on vacation outside your home country.
  • In depth scorecard data for your review of your round.
  • Statistical data for your rounds allow you to understand how you play and improve your game.
  • Location Scoring System allows you to concentrate on your game and not on the App.

Please go ahead and upgrade your Lite to Full GolfSites you will be happy with our new features.

Have a great round.

* You need to download the course ahead of time of play.

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New GolfSites Features Coming in May 2012

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 | Author:

Welcome to a new golf season. I am sure you are all out on the courses playing golf. We at GolfSites have been working hard to bring you the next major upgrade of GolfSites.

To date, GolfSites has more than 17,000 Country Clubs (19,000 courses) worldwide in our system.Thank you for sending scorecards to help make this happen and keep sending them!

As you know, we are still continuing to add Clubs to our system. Every Club is entered by a team member who knows how to play golf and every Club is double checked by another team member for its accuracy. We charge you for our Clubs, we are very serious about our quality of these Clubs.

In May 2012, we will be rolling out our newest upgrade: Version 3.0. This is a major upgrade as we have added numerous features to our existing App, with the aim of improving our users’ experience and enhancing their golf game.

New Features:

  1. Help system. A lot of users have explained that we have too many features and it’s not so easy to find or understand the full capability of GolfSites. In this newest version, we will be adding a help system to assist your needs. Our aim is to make 3.0 easy to use and also provide support within the App.

  2. Brand New Graphics. We have redesigned more than 40% of our screens to make them easier to view and navigate through different areas of GolfSites, yet retaining a similarity between our previous versions of GolfSites so users will not feel they have to relearn GolfSites.

  3. Improved flow. Although most areas of GolfSites are quite straight forward, we have improved them to make them even simpler to use.

For our GolfSites users, this is a free update.

For our GolfSites Lite users, when we showcase our newest Version 3.0 in May, we will also be increasing our selling price. So if you feel this is the App for you, now is the time to acquire GolfSites before the price goes up.

One more thing….

We will be also be rolling out a new iPad App. This new iPad App is an accessory to GolfSites optimized for enhanced retina display. With this App, you can download all your GolfSites records and analyze them in larger retina display for the new iPad. Your scorecards, your ball path tracks and your statistics will be beautifully displayed on the new iPad. You can review your round of golf using the new iPad in the comfort of your home.

Best of all, this iPad App is free to you all. We called this App – GolfSites Pad.

Thank you for your continued support. See you at the course.

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The Open Championship at Royal St George’s 2011

Tuesday, July 05th, 2011 | Author:

The Open Championship will be held at Royal St George’s between July 14-17. We have mapped this course for you so you can follow the Open Championship shot by shot. Again we like to give this course to you for free until July 31, 2011

You can look at the course and appreciate what the PGA pros are doing there. Simply go to GolfSites and search for Royal St George’s.

Thank you and enjoy The Open Championship.

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The most advanced Golf GPS App on the iPhone is as good as any dedicated Golf GPS device.

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 | Author:

Mooee has created one of the most advanced Golf GPS App for the iPhone. With it’s Ball Path Tracking feature, it surpasses most stand alone Golf GPS devices and iPhone Apps. The best thing is it’s very easy to use. It is designed by golfers for golfers.

GolfSites has all the bells and whistles of similar Golf GPS Apps plus it has something others don’t – Ball Path Tracking. By pressing your stroke every time you hit a ball, GolfSites will remember where you’ve hit, and will show you your ball paths at the end of the game. You can even e-mail the ball path to show your friends your best hole of the day.

“GPS electronics … have been around, but none with such ease of use as GolfSites ” – excerpted from Golf Magazine (Asia Edition)

“The most attractive feature of GolfSites is capturing the information necessary to improve your game” – HK Golfer

With it’s Location Scoring System, Golfsites makes it easy for you to use this App. All you need is hit your ball, press a button, hit a ball, press a button and so on. All your scores will be recorded, statistics and location captured. No need to remember where you hit and how to use the scoring part of the App.

No Internet connection or data roaming required during play. GolfSites is created with multi-Country playing in mind. If you travel to another country to play golf, you just pre-download the course at home and you can have all the information (including aerial and GPS) during play. No need to pay for expensive data roaming while you play.


1. Courses for GolfSites. Thousands of courses worldwide. You pay for the course you want. All courses are done by experienced golfers and not by computers.
2. Marker Distances. GolfSites provides distances to different key markers on the golf course.
3. Ball Path Tracking.
4. Location Scoring System.
5. No data roaming necessary during play.
6. Statistics. Golf clubs’ average distance, GIR, FIR, putts performance, scoring averages, recovery performances.
7. Simplified layup, there’s a radar overlay of 50 yards increment, you can spot which is the perfect location for your next shot.
8. Stableford Scoring. Calculates your Stableford points during play.
9. Pay as you go. You can purchase as many courses as you want, the App comes with 5 golf clubs. If you need more, you can use the In-App Purchase to buy more at US$0.99 per golf club.
10. Designs in the App allow easy viewing under intense sunlight.

Promo Code request is welcomed.


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Version 2.0 is coming!

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 | Author:


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The 2011 Masters course Augusta National Golf Club

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 | Author:

The 2011 Masters Tournament will commence this April 4 to 10th. This year features more international players than ever before. The course remains the same yardage from last year but still one of the toughest courses in the world.

For this special Grand Slam event, we at GolfSites again, following our tradition, wants to give this course to you FOR FREE, in case you want to know the detail about the course, please download it to your GolfSites App. This will be a free download. Just search for “Augusta National Golf Club”.

As a reminder, for our Lite version, once you download a new course, your old course and scores will be deleted.

Thank you and enjoy the Masters.

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Solidifying GolfSites reputation and public recognition in Hong Kong

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 | Author:

Good news!
There is a brief write up talking about GolfSites at Hong Kong – Next Magazine Issue #1073, solidifying our reputation and public recognition in Hong Kong.

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Important updates GolfSites V. 1.1

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 | Author:

Dear GolfSites User,

Thank you for your continued support. I like to share with you important upgrades to our GolfSites GPS App.

This update is only possible because of your support and feedback.

We have included many new features that will improve your usage of the GolfSites App:

1. GPS signal indicator: Device’s location now has 2 colors, red or green. Red means it cannot find GPS signals, green means it has GPS signals.

2. History of purchased courses: Many user may change their iPhone and therefore need a history of purchased courses, we have included a new Purchased Courses symbol on the Add Course screen so you can find out what courses you purchased and download them again free.

3. Restore old Rounds^: Users that is switching to a new iPhone or restoring from backup might lose their data, we created this function to help user retrieve old rounds from our server so that can continue to enjoy their historical scorecards.

4. Lost password/ activation code: We have created buttons to help you get your password and activation code from us easier.

5. Yardage/meters indication: on every hole’s distance, we now added yd/m to indicate to the user whether it’s yards or meters.

6. Facebook and Review: In order for us to continue to support you with GolfSites, it’s important that you help rate us and talk about us on Facebook, so we provided you with a link to Facebook and write a review on the App Store.

7. Improve Customer Support: We have improved our messages and e-mail template for you to send in your request and reports on inaccuracy.

These are only a few of the improvements, others include better coding and improved speed etc etc.

We continue to bring new and improved software to you, our customers. As we wrote this, we are already working on our newest v. 2.0, our first major upgrade to our software. 2.0 will have new features and functions for you than any of our previous updates. Our aim , has not changed, is to make your game better and smoother.


^ For more detail, please refer to GolfSites FAQs section.

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