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GolfSites – The most advanced Golf GPS App on the iPhone just got better.

  • Add Notes to write down your journal for the courses you like.

Ball Path Tracking
  • Very easy to use. Press 2 buttons (one for location and optional second for club selection) every time you hit a ball and that’s it.
  • Shows your score, your ball path distances
  • With club selection function, you also get your golf club’s average distances in GolfSites Statistics.
  • Keep your mind on your game instead of on the iPhone.

Golf club’s real distances
  • With you club selection and your shot location
  • GolfSites can provide you with your real on the course distances for every club you use.
  • You can even edit away your bad shots.
  • Better gauge than driving range distances and self input distances.

Help Menu
  • GolfSites comes with a slide out help
  • Easy to learn for first time users.

Shot making tools
  • 2-shot layup lines on the aerial map can allow you to plan your approach to the green
  • Radar function allows you to choose your layup shots.
  • Straight line distances to the center of the green are constantly updated.

2 tabs and you are good.
  • GolfSites records you position on every shot
  • You tab the location and tab your choice of club
  • All statsitics, ball path are recorded by these two tabs
  • Your mind reminds on the game, not on the iPhone

No data during play
  • good on vacation where you don’t need data roaming
  • no waiting for App to communicate with server

Over 30,000 Country Clubs
  • Country Clubs created by real people at GolfSites
  • To find out if GolfSites have your clubs, click here
  • Request updated within 72 hours.

Stunning Statistics

  • Improving your game can be as easy as understanding the statistics in GolfSites
  • FIR, GIR, Putt Performance, Sand Saves, Scoring Averages, Accuracy to Fairways.
  • Newest Statistics: Golf club’s real distances. With our newest Ball Path Tracking function, you can also collect real club’s shot distance, maximum distances and average distances

Innovative Scoring Method
  • GolfSites’ Location Scoring system provides important statistical data and Ball Path Tracking for GolfSites users. Users do not have to input statistical data twice
  • Location Scoring system ensures users can go back and see how well they play their game by reviewing their ball path as well as their statistics
  • To see how easy it is to use this, check this out to

Marker Distances
  • Critical markers like lake, sand trap and trees are mapped so you know how to play around them
  • If the satellite images are too hard to read under the sun, you can always go to the marker distances to get accurate distances to obstacles on the course.

Sharing with Friends
  • Scorecard and bath path images can be emailed to you friends.
  • You can also share your game with a direct to Facebook chat.

Buy as you go
  • GolfSites only charge you for what you need, not charge you for thousands of courses.
  • GolfSites comes with 5 Country Club Download Credits, all courses within a Country Clubs are included as one download.
  • Extra credits can be purchased via In App Purchase in GolfSites.
  • We charge our Clubs, we are serious about their quality.