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Frequently Asked Questions

    General Questions

  1. Where can I find out if GolfSites has the Country Clubs I wanted?
    You can go to our website and under the tab Country Clubs to search for the clubs you need. If you cannot find it, you can request the clubs you want.

    Alternately, you can use GolfSites and search for the club on the App itself. And there is also a request button to request course.

  2. Is there any shortcut to move quickly between holes?
    Yes, there is, if you press the hole number golf ball on the top left corner, a screen with all the holes will be shown, you can just touch any hole number to jump to that specific hole.

  3. Why do we need to sign in?
    Signing in allows us to have a record as to who is using GolfSites. We will also like to get the users opinion in the future to improve GolfSites.

  4. I noticed the battery usage is quite a bit when I use GolfSites. Is that normal?
    Yes it is. As you use GolfSites, the App utilizes the GPS chip in the iPhone and therefore continuously draws battery power. It is not uncommon for you to use close to 50% of your fully charge iPhone 4 (75% of iPhone 3GS) for the round. One way to conserve battery power is to hit the sleep button once you are done with your usage. Then while you play, your iPhone’s screen will not be on and thus help conserve battery power.

  5. I tried to write a good review for GolfSites using the iPhone, why is there a message saying “ Your request cannot be complete.”?
    In order to write a review on the iTunes store, you need to have an iTunes account and signed into the account before you can write a review.

  6. Full Swing golf club’s average distances, what does Full Swing means?
    We used Full Swing because users like to know their true distances with any particular clubs. For Example, you like to know what is the real distances of your 7 iron. However, you might also use your 7 iron to do chipping (say 20 yards) We do not calculate your chip shots but only your full swing shots.

  7. Penalty stroke on the Location Scoring System – is it important to enter this in any sequence? Or Can I just press the number of penalties at the end of the hole?
    You can enter your penalty at any point during your hole as it does not affect your ball path.

  8. I do not want to enter my club set, I like pressing one button instead of two buttons for my ball path tracking. How do I change that?
    You can go to Settings > >Preferences>> de-select “Activate Gof Club Selection”.

  9. I have switched to a new iPhone, I re-downloaded GolfSites and restored my old rounds. However when I try to look at the Aerial Image of my old rounds, I got the following message:” Aerial Image Not Available for this hole”. What can I do?
    Before you can view the aerial image, you need to re-download the course itself for the round you want to view, since it’s a course you already have, which includes the aerial images you need. Please refer to 9 below on how to re-download a purchased course.

  10. How do I re-download courses I have purchased to a new device?
    There is a dedicated icon that says “Purchased” . To re-download your course, just press the “Purchased” button. To locate the purchase button:
    New Round >> More (Left red Bar)>> “Purchased” (left red bar)>> press the course you want to download.

  11. How do I restart GolfSites?
    1. You need to exit GolfSites by pressing the home button.
    2. Then press the home button twice and you will see GolfSites icon at the button of the screen.
    3. Press and hold GolfSites until you see a “minus” sign on the icon.
    4. Press it to close GolfSites.

  12. What does this message mean- “Note: This course does not have a complete handicap index”?
    When a course does not have the stroke index, this message will show. Without the stroke index/handicap, GolfSites will not be able to count your Stableford score. If you have the stroke index for the course, you can help by sending the scorecard (with stroke index) to GolfSites.

  13. What is this function – Handicap Play (Under Settings during round play) ?
    This is for adjusting Modified Stableford scoring system.

  14. How to I record Stableford scoring for my game?
    You do not have to do anything special. When you go to the scorecard, at the bottom, there’s three ways to view your scorecard. If you press Stableford, you will see your scores reflected in Stableford scoring.
    Note: If the course you play has no Stroke Index/Handicap, you will not be able to see the Stableford tab.

  15. I will be playing with a modified Stableford scoring system, How do I input the modified Stableford scores?
    After you start your round, you go to “I” (settings) to choose handicap play, you can either choose standard or modified, if you choose modified, GolfSites will let you input your modified scores in a new screen.

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    Ball Path Tracking

  1. How can I use GolfSites so as to have Ball Path Tracking?
    As long as you use Location Scoring System to manage your strokes, and hit the buttons at the position you hit your ball, you will be able to record your ball path, provided your device can receive GPS signal (which is indicated as a green dot instead of a red dot)

  2. How do I add my clubs to the Ball Path Tracking?
    When you first use GolfSites, it will ask you to select your Club Set. Once you have done that, your ball path will show your club choice for the paths. You can always go to Settings>>My Club Set to choose your clubs and then go to Settings>> Preferences>> to activate golf club selection for each stroke.

  3. Where can I view my Ball Path?
    After the game, make sure you save your scorecard. On the home screen choose rounds and pick the round you saved and select to view round. You will be able to see both the scorecard and the Ball Path.

  4. Why does Ball Path Tracking have different colors and broken lines for the paths?
    Sometimes strokes that are too short and close together are not displayed. We chose to represent different conditions using the following color/lines:
    This is a normal golf shot path for one stroke, with distances of this shot (and club selection if you have activated club selection).
    Broken Green Line
    This broken line represents strokes not individually draw due to:
    a. Shots that are less than 50 yards and cannot be distinguished in the satellite image, or
    b. Shots that have no satellite locations or shots outside the image area.
    Tracking will connect from the last satellite location to the newly entered location regardless of strokes.
    This is for the last shot to get onto the green plus putts as we cannot track the putts due to image size being too small.

  5. I looked at my Ball Path Tracking screen. All my points are either at one spot or the screen gives me a message:” Ball Path Tracking not available for this hole”
    In order for Ball Path Tracking to work, you need to input your location at the position you hit your ball. That means you cannot enter all the scores at the end of the hole or at the tee of the next hole which will give you one spot on the tracking screen, or if you are in an location out of the hole’s screen. GolfSites will let you know there’s no tracking.
    The easiest way is to use Ball Path Tracking is to enter your stroke right before or after you hit the ball.

  6. If I have entered a wrong club for a stroke, how do I edit it and will the edit affect my ball path?
    You can edit your stroke by going to “Rounds” and choose the round you want to edit. Select the round and choose “Edit Round”. As long as you are just changing your club selection, then the ball path will be preserved.
    If you replace your on/off green strokes with more strokes or less strokes, your ball path may be affected depending on what you edit.

  7. My Ball Path Tracking say: “Ball Path Tracking not available for this hole” ?
    If you enter your round’s stroke using the simple scoring system, GolfSites will not record your Ball Path. Or,
    if you have edit your round and replace a stroke with a penalty stroke, your Ball Path for that hole will be removed.

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    GPS measurements and accuracy

  1. My Home course GPS distance, all of a sudden becomes inaccurate, why is that and what can I do?
    If you have used GolfSites on course before and does not have a problem, but then suddenly the marker distances become inaccurate, this might be caused by new satellite data updated for your golf course. All you need to do is to let us know by reporting inaccuracy from the app and we will fix that immediately.

  2. Sometimes GolfSites measured distance and the marker distance differ by more than 10-20 yards. Is there something wrong with GolfSites?
    GolfSites utilizes the GPS satellite to obtain data to calculate distances. Having said that, the distance from the satellite provides 2 dimensional distances. This may be different from some course distance because some courses have slopes going up or down and that is not calculated in GolfSites.

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    Location Scoring System

  1. I find the Location Scoring System too difficult to understand, I always got the wrong count, what gives?
    It takes a few holes to appreciate this input method. One thing to bear in mind is when you touch a stroke, it’s meant to be the position where you hit from and not where the ball lands. That means when you touch Tee, you already hit once. The second shot from the fairway is where you hit your second shot.

  2. If I don’t like the Location Scoring System, is there another way?
    Yes, on the top left corner of the scoring system, there’s a green 2 way arrow, you can switch between simple scoring or location scoring . Please do bear in mind that the simple scoring system does not support statistical data.

  3. Statistics

  4. I use my 7 iron to chip around the green. Will that yardage affect my full swing club statistics?
    No, we designed Full Swing averages by using your best performances to calculate the average. Everything less than 70% of your best will not be used in the calculation.

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    Click here to contact support if you cannot find your answers here.