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Solidifying GolfSites reputation and public recognition in Hong Kong

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 | Author:

Good news!
There is a brief write up talking about GolfSites at Hong Kong – Next Magazine Issue #1073, solidifying our reputation and public recognition in Hong Kong.

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Important updates GolfSites V. 1.1

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 | Author:

Dear GolfSites User,

Thank you for your continued support. I like to share with you important upgrades to our GolfSites GPS App.

This update is only possible because of your support and feedback.

We have included many new features that will improve your usage of the GolfSites App:

1. GPS signal indicator: Device’s location now has 2 colors, red or green. Red means it cannot find GPS signals, green means it has GPS signals.

2. History of purchased courses: Many user may change their iPhone and therefore need a history of purchased courses, we have included a new Purchased Courses symbol on the Add Course screen so you can find out what courses you purchased and download them again free.

3. Restore old Rounds^: Users that is switching to a new iPhone or restoring from backup might lose their data, we created this function to help user retrieve old rounds from our server so that can continue to enjoy their historical scorecards.

4. Lost password/ activation code: We have created buttons to help you get your password and activation code from us easier.

5. Yardage/meters indication: on every hole’s distance, we now added yd/m to indicate to the user whether it’s yards or meters.

6. Facebook and Review: In order for us to continue to support you with GolfSites, it’s important that you help rate us and talk about us on Facebook, so we provided you with a link to Facebook and write a review on the App Store.

7. Improve Customer Support: We have improved our messages and e-mail template for you to send in your request and reports on inaccuracy.

These are only a few of the improvements, others include better coding and improved speed etc etc.

We continue to bring new and improved software to you, our customers. As we wrote this, we are already working on our newest v. 2.0, our first major upgrade to our software. 2.0 will have new features and functions for you than any of our previous updates. Our aim , has not changed, is to make your game better and smoother.


^ For more detail, please refer to GolfSites FAQs section.

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