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GolfSites will be launched in early April

Friday, March 19th, 2010 | Author:

It happens to all of us, even to professional players. It’s not that you are completely skeptical about the caddy’s judgment, but each course has numerous obstacles inherently increasing the level of uncertainty. So unless it’s your home course or a real professional caddy, an actual measure of the course distance will be helpful.

Golf GPS for Asia
In April, Apple iTune’s App Store will sell a software (“App”) called GolfSites, for iPhone users that solves the problem. GolfSites allows you to get an accurate measurement of distances between vital landmarks on the golf course. This App includes English and Chinese interfaces for novices and experts alike.

Electronic Caddy
After using GolfSites for a few rounds, GolfSites becomes your dependable and accurate electronic caddy allowing you to read the course like a PGA Pro. GolfSites not only pinpoints distances to the center of the green, it also provides distances to other obstacles on the course e.g. sand traps, water and car paths.

GPS electronics for golf courses have been around for a while, but none with such ease of use as GolfSites. GolfSites is created to cater to Asia, with a rich concentration of courses in China and South East Asia. Once the GolfSites App is downloaded, you will only need to carry one electronic device – the iPhone – while you play.

Electronic Scoring System
Apart from providing distances around the course, the most attractive feature of GolfSites is capturing the information necessary to improve your game. By inputting your score in the Quick Input System, GolfSites will generate a variety of statistical data, including GIR, FIR, Average Putt per Hole, Accuracy of Shots and much more. GolfSites will help you evaluate your game and provide insights to improving the game.

Know your distance
For those who are unsure how far they can hit a drive, GolfSites has a feature that allows you to measure the distance of your drive. This eliminates uncertainties and increases confidence in the game.

GolfSites can be purchased from the App Store at US$16.99 with 5 golf country clubs of your choosing to download, each additional golf country club costs US 99 cents to download. This is very attractive because, for example, if you download HK Golf Club, you get three courses (Old, New & Eden) all for the price of one.

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